Frederick Douglass Tour

Frederick Douglass was born a slave, and after escaping became one of the most vocal abolitionists and profound intellectuals of his time. He came to Chester County, Pennsylvania many times to speak out against slavery and gave his final speech at what is now West Chester University.

The Chester County Historical Society has allowed us to bring you a small part of their collection in our Frederick Douglass Tour, pairing images and other primary sources to help you contextualize his journey. See where he arrived by train, where he held meetings, and where he spoke just days before he died. Read journal entries from people who knew him best and walk the same streets he walked 150 years ago.  With stops in Paoli, West Chester, Kennett Square, Avondale and Williamstown Township, you will get a fun tour of historic Chester County, provided by our free Time Machine Tours smartphone app (iOS or Android). If you live far away, you can still explore some of the amazing images and documents provided by the Chester County Historical Society.

We made our first tour five years ago with the Chester County Historical Society, and we are so glad to be working with them again to share this amazing story about this amazing man. Their facility in West Chester, PA is home to one of the most amazing collections in the U.S. and their museum hosts both permanent and seasonal exhibits. After you check out our tour, be sure to stop by and find out even more about the rich history of Chester County.