March 29, 2015

Time Machine Tours is a free iOS app that features augmented reality walking tours that take historical content out of the archives and brings them to life. Each tour contains 6-25 stops with images going as far back as the beginning of photography all the way up to just a few years ago.

We can display a photograph exactly where the photographer stood over 100 years ago. Users can hold the old photo over its current location, giving the illusion of looking into the past. We understand that it can be hard to travel physically to all these fantastic locations. So we make our content available for free, for everyone, anywhere in the world.

Time Machine Tours is looking to partner with businesses, schools and universities, museums, non-profits, historical societies, tourism bureaus, universities, and artists to put their historical content in the palm of our user’s hands.

Sponsoring a Time Machine Tour has many benefits. First, by tying content to specific areas, it will increase foot traffic. Second, our tours act as digital signage, allowing content to be displayed in the middle of a battlefield. Third, by making content accessible in digital form, the need for wasteful and costly paper signs, programs and maps will be reduced.

Time Machine Tours currently has tours in Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. New content is added monthly.  The app can be downloaded by visiting the iTunes store and searching “Time Machine Tours.”